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In a ever-changing tower with no end, a mysterious figure finally approaches his goal, The Dagger of the Silhouette. With this magical item perhaps he can finally escape this nightmare. But escaping is the hard part.

Once you grab the dagger it all begins, how far will you make it before you perish?


A = left

D  = right

Space = jump

Left Click = use dagger

Right Click = teleport

Developer notes:

There are a few known glitches in the game that are yet to be fixed, they are as follows:

Getting stuck in wall corners: This will occasionally happen, you can simply use your dagger to teleport out

Getting bodyslambed by ceilings: I don't quite remember what I put in the code that cause this, but occasionally knocking the ceiling will teleport you to the nearest floor.

Player disappearing: This rarely happens but the player might disappear, if this is the case then I'm afraid you will have to either restart the game or die to see the player again.

Made for the GMTK Jam


Kahztein: Programming, music, ugly art

Albinobat: Nice art

More information

Published Jul 16, 2017
TagsSide Scroller

Install instructions

Extract the zip folder.

Keep the extra file in the same folder as the exe.


GMTK The Silhouette's Knife.zip 13 MB

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